1 More Day! Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Final @ Wadi Shab

Don’t miss out on the Red Bull event of the year!

Some incredible world athletes risking it all for the championship!

Whether you intend on attending this incredible event or not, you should pick up a copy of this week’s Y-Magazine which came out yesterday, Tuesday, September 25th.  On pages 38-39 of this 48 page pdf file in a section titled “Meet the Divers“, you can find info on these cliff-diving world champions written by Clint Derric Egbert (Eggybones), one of the editors of Mediate, Oman and sports writer/photographer (0bvious from this report!).

A careful read of the divers involved will make you realize just how much the judges have their work cut out for them!

If you suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), you definitely don’t want to miss this event.  I like what the brochure says here: “Be a part of Cliff Diving history“!

Some have asked about parking and worried about the logistics of it all.  There will be plenty of parking and I hear that engineers have even designed bridges to enable the crowds to reach the sites more easily.  Probably not ideal for very young kids though as it requires a good 10-15 minutes of walking and it will be quite hot!

One cool thing to know is that there will be tubes for sale for around 2 rials and guests will be able to float out and watch the diving from these tubes.  You will be able to buy food provided by Left Bank and I’m sure there will be plenty of water available as Tunuff is one of the sponsors.

For those of you wondering who won the 2 VIP tickets from the draw, it was Christie Swart! Congratulations, Christie! 🙂  I’ll send you an email and text you the details tomorrow on how to get the tickets.  29 people participated and 19 had the correct answer.  The correct response was 85-90 kms/kph.

The divers at Wadi Shab on September 26th. (Red Bull pic)

Photo of Kent De Mond in action on Sep 25, 2012 at Wadi Shab. Taken with permission for the sake of promotion from the Red Bull content pool.

6 responses to “1 More Day! Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Final @ Wadi Shab

  1. Hey Andy, are you going to this? If so, look for me! I’ll be there… 🙂

  2. Does anyone know if there are shuttles going out to the dive location? I am a Canadian oil worker who has a few days leave and would like to head out and watch.

    • Greg,
      I’m guessing you didn’t get out to see the diving as you wrote this message just when the event was starting. I hope you enjoy the pics and videos!

  3. Unfortunately i miss the event 😦

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