“The Treasure”, Muttrah Souq

entrance to muttrah souq

Another trip to Muttrah Souq! When my sister-in-law, Janice, flew all the way from Singapore to visit us here in Oman for 9 days, there were certain places that we just had to take her to during her short stay.  Muttrah Souq was a definite must-see!muttrah souq entrance

I wonder what’s the story behind the broken stained glass window at the entrance of Muttrah Souq?! Punks no doubt. I wonder how long it will take them to repair it or if anyone will even bother to…shop front

We bought most of her souvenirs in this shop, Treasure Mandos, which is located just a few shops short of the centre of Muttrah Souq.  Anyone who has been to Muttrah at “the wrong time of day” might know this shop as it’s one of the few that remain open throughout the entire day. The majority of the shops in Muttrah are open from 9am to 1pm or 1:15pm and then open up late from 4 to 9pm.centre of Muttrah Souq

“The Centre of Muttrah Souq” – Notice shops closing down as it’s just before 1pm.beautiful lamps

These beautiful lamps are great for the home and cost about 20 rials per lamp.khanjars for sale

Plenty of Omani khanjars and Syrian daggers for sale.camels 1

These cute camel souvenirs some in all sizes and range from 1 rial up to 7.5 rials. Most of them open up (like the ones pictured above and below with a opening on their saddle) and can hold very tiny objects inside.camels 2

silver items for sale

Of course there are all kinds of silver objects for sale in the Muttrah Souq like these ancient Omani scroll holders.shopping in muttrah

There’s something for everyone at Muttrah Souq!elephant design

old items for sale

The shop we visited reads “Treasure Mandos” on their sign, but the business card they gave me calls the shop “The Treasure“-“Sale of Handicrafts, Omani Khanjar, Omani Jewellery, Silver Articles, Gem Stones & Pshimina (Kashmiri Shawls). Tel:+968-2471-2917, GSM: +968-9229-7091, email: silverworld_2006@yahoo.com


12 responses to ““The Treasure”, Muttrah Souq

  1. Good evening Mr. Brown.

    Did you receive the email that I sent you…?


  2. That’s home for me! 😀 Grew up at the edge of the souq. Know almost the entire area like the back of my hand!

  3. Lovely market! I had to laugh when I saw the little camels. I have one of those on my office desk from a co-worker who went to Dubai! I’ve always been a little suspicious of that tiny storage space under the saddle. 😉 What are you suppose to put in there? tic-tacs?

    • Yes, Muttrah sure is lovely! BTW, great question: Just what ARE you supposed to put in that tiny space?! haha! 🙂

  4. next time if i have the chance to go to Muscat i will vist this place..thanks Andy for the nice pics..

  5. I remember our stroll inside the souq, i miss Oman! 🙂

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