“I Will Remember You”

Like many of you I’m sure, I always get sentimental at the beginning of a new year and start thinking about so much more than just the previous year.  Distant memories, regrets, and relationships come to mind, especially those that have grown cold or died for one reason or another. The saddest thoughts are of those who have passed on.  3 people on my mind that I remember with great sadness are: 1) One of my military college buddies, Wallace Tulk, who died just after our college graduation in 2000 when traveling on black ice on his motorcycle, 2) my best friend during military college, Chris Saunders, who died a few years back while moving a faulty submarine that Canada purchased from the British Royal Navy in 2004, and 3) my father who passed away in 2005 during a boating accident.  This song, by Sara McLaughlin is one of those songs I could listen to time and time again but with the nostalgia of remembering friends and family, comes a great sense of loss as well. What songs do you listen to when riding down “memory lane”?


2 responses to ““I Will Remember You”

  1. I can _not_ listen to REM’s “Everybody hurts”. It’s just too much.

    • Yes, “Everybody hurts” is a bittersweet, rather depressing song. The ironic thing about that song is that it’s meant to be an inspirational song of hope to tell depressed people to “hang on” but is sung with such sad emotion that it might be a popular song to be listening to when people commit suicide! “When you think you’ve had too much of this life, well hang on…”

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