Omani Teacher Shoots Student in Secondary School!

Gulf News report         I was quite surprised to read a tweet from Merge Fm about 2 hours ago (about 2:30pm local time) that read, “Local Update: ROP confirmed news of a student shooting in a public school in Shinas. The police are still investigating the cause #oman”.

On one hand, it’s good that it’s not like what we might expect after hearing about so many bloody school shootings in Ameria.  It involved one person getting shot. (Notice I didn’t write “only one person” as one person getting shot is still far too many!!!)  On the other hand, it is shocking to hear that it was a teacher who shot a student! Gulf News was fast in getting an article out, posting an article online a little over an hour ago titled, “Oman teacher shoots student suspected of abusing his son“.  Read it for yourself.  There are so many unknowns about this case that make you wonder.  When local papers report on someone “getting abused” it can mean all kinds of things…  Apart from old rifles from the days of fighting the communists in Oman, I thought that almost no one (apart from police and military) had firearms.  Why did this school teacher have a 9mm pistol and where did he get it from?  By far, the most disturbing part of the report from Gulf News is the quote from an unknown source saying that “it was a matter of honour for the teacher“.  Excuse me?! Honour?!  Maybe we have different dictionaries because that is far from honorable.  Why not report the matter to the police?  I hope that such “honor shootings” don’t catch on here.

13 responses to “Omani Teacher Shoots Student in Secondary School!

  1. Honor and abuse…in the UK it would suggest the latter to have been Savile-style.

  2. My Tropical Home

    Oh my….this is so sad and tragic…I hope that the boy who was shot (and the boy who was “abused”) are safe. It’s always distressing to hear of violence being used to avenge anything, and especially on children. It’s just really really tragic…

    • Yes, a real tragedy but at least no one was killed. If the older boyer is guilty of “abusing” the 8-year old boy, I hope he is punished accordingly and that his punishment is not overturned as a result of this incident.

  3. I hope the boy who was shot isn’t ok. I don’t think it is ok to take the law into your own hands but I think this tragedy is wrong to report like this. He wasn’t some teracher who just went crazy and shot someone. Which is why they call it a matter of honour. He was a father. His son was kidnapped and then raped by the student who he shot. The father went to the police to do something about it. When they didn’t, he shot the student. That’s the whole story. Of course that’s not what the papers will write.

    • Princess,
      I share your feelings of wanting justice and punishment if the charges of abuse are true, but I would never wish for someone’s demise or illness/pain. Rather, we should hope that such a person is not beyond redemption and that such a confrontation would make someone repent and turn their life around.

  4. Rapists need harsh sentences in Oman. Really they do. It shouldn’t be ok to rape a little boy or to rape an asian woman, or any woman helpless enough that she has to risk taking a taxi alone. I don’t think that they should necessarily be shot but I do think the father had an honourable cause in this case. If someone shot my daughter and no one did anything about it I’d be hard pressed not to go get a gun (it is easy to do so in Oman, every Omani family has at least one old gunlying around that they’d never tell anyone about).

    • Yes, I think rapists should be executed if there is enough evidence with no doubt as to their crime. I find it hard to even imagine what one would do in such a situation. It is exactly for such reasons that those in authority must go hard on such criminals. Otherwise, people will take the law into their own hands.

    • Yes, it is shocking but I despise that expression as well as all the others that begin with “holy” and end with profanity…such seemingly harmless and socially acceptable expressions that are in fact blasphemous in nature.

  5. Andy: I agree, forgiveness is always a better path. But I am just saying, I totally understand the father’s feelings as a parent. The rationalization going through his mind.

    The abuse was true. His son is in the hospital for rape sadly.

    My husband says while this isn’t as common as in KSA, it happens in some public shcools in Oman. That’s why more parents need to get involve din boys schools here. The girls shcools don’t seem to have this problem and are also better maintained in general because the mothers care.

  6. And the studen/rapst shot was a drug addict as well. So that’s another issue Oman needs to combat

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