Running the Race of Your Life

Heard an interesting sermon this morning at the PCO (Protestant Church in Oman) titled “Running the Race of Your Life” by Pastor Barry Dawson comparing Olympic training with Christian living.  A timely message seeing how we’re halfway through the London Olympics 2012!

6 responses to “Running the Race of Your Life

  1. I was there, I’m glad you decided to post this. Pastor Barry is a great preacher! God Bless you Andy!

    • God bless you as well, Charlotte! I really enjoyed this sermon as well. I’m very grateful for the 3 wonderful pastors who are currently serving the church in Oman and I don’t want to take it for granted. Let’s continue to pray for these great men of God as they serve so faithfully!

  2. Well I was there to hear this sermon by pastor Barry, this message was great, and when I saw this posted on the net , I was Jubilantly surprised. Thank you Andy.

    • Simon,
      Thanks, brother. Nice to know you appreciated the post on the blog. Make sure you let our pastors know how much you were blessed when you really enjoy a sermon. It takes a lot of work to match the slides to the sermon but I think it’s well worth it! God bless!

  3. Dear Andy,
    In the 3 months that I was in Oman, my highpoint was the Sunday evening services at Ruwi. Beautiful and life changing messages by Pastor Barry. I would love to keep in touch, would you please share Pastor Barry’s email ID. Thank you and God Bless!

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