Daily Archives: January 3, 2012

AIDS in Oman

I was not surprised that there is such a high rate of AIDS in Oman.  What surprised me is that the figures were printed in the paper (Muscat Daily, Jan 3rd, 2011).  Some countries (particularly in Africa) do not want any realistic figures put out about the number of AIDS cases in their country for fear of “stigma”.

According to this Middle East Report, “HIV infection in Oman is reportedly concentrated among injecting drug users.  Prisoners are often designated as an at-risk group because of prevalent drug habits, tattoo practices and overall health conditions in the prisons.” Tourists, migrant workers and transport drivers are both transmitters of the disease to locals as well as those who contract the disease from risk groups like female sex workers.”

Another good job on the part of Muscat Daily for publishing realistic concerns for all of us living in Oman!