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CHOWLANE: Chinese Food at Chinese Prices

Chowlane is an inexpensive Chinese take-away or dine-in shop that opened up in July of 2011 in the foodcourt of Bareeq al Shatti Mall.  We went there with Entertainer 2012 coupon in hand to check it out.

As you can see, it really doesn’t look like much.  Don’t let appearance fool you, though, as the food is good and cheap!

The Spring Rolls were fantastic, especially at the price of only 1 rial! Just as good as the more expensive spring rolls at some of the 4 or 5 star restaurants!  Most things on the menu are only 1 rial including all the side orders: Noodle in a box, Honey Chilly Potatoes, Spicy drums of heaven and springrolls.

Spicy Drums of Heaven is quite a dish for 1 OR! So tasty.  You can even ask them to make it not so spicy, as we did, making it simply “Drums of Heaven”.

Noodle Soup – which is also known as “Big Soupy Bowl” on the take-away menu.  You can choose your vegetables or they’ll do it for you. (1 OR)

Sweet Corn Chicken Soup – a steal at only 1 rial!  Again, just as good or even better than some of the expensive restaurants we’ve been at.

The gentlemen at Chowlane are very helpful and patient in explaining all the options.  The 1st step is choosing which size bowl you want. (Entertainer Coupon is for 1 complimentary small bowl when you order 1 small bowl. Value of 1 OR)  Small is big enough, especially if you end up getting a few side orders or soup with it.  I chose the medium bowl and had to get a doggy-bag because we ended up ordering too much.  Step #2: Choose your vegetablesStep #3: Choose your protein: Chicken, fish, marinated steak or shrimp.  Step #4: Select a sauce: chilly garlic, dragon, ginger citrus, sesame honey, kung po, red curry, sweet and sour, szechwan sauce, black pepper, black bean or almond sauce.  Step #5: Select your starch: fried rice, steamed rice or noodles.  You can skip steps #2-#4 (as I did) by selecting a “Signature Bowl” of which there are 12 choices.

This is one of their Signature dishes – “Fish Pepper Fry“.  (Fish in black pepper sauce)  My sister-in-law enjoyed this.

My wife and I are real suckers for seafood so we both chose the “Deep Sea” Signature Dish.  (Shrimps and fish with green onions, broccoli and mushrooms in dragon sauce.)  Other signature dishes include: Steak Broccoli, Ginger Beef, Classic Chilly Chicken, Sesame Honey Chicken, Chicken Schewan, Thai Chicken, Monk Bowl (Tofu, broccoli, button mushrooms and spinach in black bean sauce), Stir Fry Vegi Bowl, Vegetable Manchurian and Sweet and Sour Vegetable.

With all the food we ordered (and only 5% tax), the bill still only came to 8.665 OR!  And we had plenty left over to heat up the next day at home.  I guess they do live up to their motto of “Chinese Food at Chinese Prices“!  🙂

“The Doctor Is Always In.”

A quick plug for our friend’s 1st ever childrens book.  There’s a great description of it on the back cover.

You can order her book from Tate Publishing by clicking here.  It’s $9.99 for paperback and $7.99 as an E-book.

Gershom at our church with the author of the book, Sheena Sarker!  This book would make the perfect gift for any kids who are disabled or sick.  As Gladys Staines (international speaker) wrote in the foreword: “In this story, you will see that there really is Someone to listen and understand when you are alone, in pain or confused.”  I love what Sheena wrote in the inside front cover for Gershom, “Taste and see that God is good, how blessed is the child who trusts in Him.” Thanks, Sheena!  I pray that God continues to bless your book writing ministry.