“Cliff Dwelling” at Wajmah, Wadi Sahtan

There sandy seems the golden sky And golden seems the sandy plain. No habitation meets the eye Unless in the horizon, Some halfway up the limestone wall, That spot of black is not a stain Or shadow, but a cavern hole, Where someone used to climb and crawl To rest from his besetting fears. I see the callus on his soul The disappearing last of him And of his race starvation slim, Oh years ago – ten thousand years. (Robert Frost – “A Cliff Dwelling”)

4 responses to ““Cliff Dwelling” at Wajmah, Wadi Sahtan

  1. I was at the Village Wajmah with my wife on 8th March. A very diffcult mountain track for my GMC. There was no trace of any flowing water anywhere near the village. We are still wondering how the natives found the place and survived all these years. More surprising is that they continue to live there in total isolation inspite of the developments all around them. Yes, a few of them do own cars and bee-hives but that would be little consolation for staying isolated!

  2. Alok,
    Thanks for writing about your trip to Wajmah. Yes, it is quite a difficult mountain drive! It was difficult in my Terios as well. The road is so narrow and windy at parts; I kept expecting a car to come from the other direction and knock me down to my demise! There was no water when I went either. The tiny village had the feeling as if you were far from civilization. Thanks again for commenting! Cheers.

  3. Hehehe, some of my relatives live here. There is water, a spring inside the mountain. You photographed her husband’s house;)

    • That’s cool! So I guess you’ve been there a few times, right? Beautiful place but what a scary ride up there!

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